Quality Assurance


Testing and QA of an Application is a crucial part of any development cycle, and even the most professional developers miss things in their builds. Whether you are an individual eagerly working towards your first release, or a team of devs looking for outside QA support, we are here to help. We provide Manual QA for Android, iOS, and PC applications at a reasonable cost. (based on the application). 

What We Do

Game Jams


Every month we host a new Game Jam on Itch.io with the chance to be published on the Google Play Store. The winner is added to our Game Jam Winners Page, granted a Past Winners role in our Discord server, and we optimize their game for Android. Afterwards it can either be published on our Play Store page, or we send the finished APK back to them so they can publish it on their own Play Store Page

General Inquiries


If you have a question about App development, your Application, launching on Google Play, or anything else to do with Games, feel free to ask us. We will try and answer whatever questions you have as best we can and as clearly as possible.